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Cronj IT Technologies Pvt Ltd: Vacancy for Node.Js developers

Cronj IT Technologies Pvt Ltd: Vacancy for Node.Js developers

7 January, 2019

Cronj IT Technologies Pvt Ltd.

CronJ is a technology consulting firm with video analytics, Supply Chain IT solutions and product development as a key focus area.

CronJ Vision is among the pioneers in computer vision solutions. Our proprietary product includes:

  • Face recognition system
  • Advanced number pattern recognition system, ANPR System ( Accuracy – Standard number plate: 100 %, Non-Standard Number Plate >92 % )
  • Image to Text recognition product
  • Video to Text recognition product
  • Security, Surveillance & Safety product
  • Real-time cafeteria Management Product (Measuring real-time occupancy using people count algorithm)
  • Real estate and Construction quality management product
  • Toll Plaza Management system (Monitor and measure the efficacy of toll plaza operation)
  • Manufacturing, production and assembly line balancing product using analytical and video analytics algorithm
  • Poka Yoke/Full Proofing for Packaging processes using video analytics
  • Unmanned/Manless weighbridge solution
  • Activity tracking product for Banks, Hospitals, and Offices
  • Vehicle speed tracking product
  • Driver Activity tracking system
  • Retail Shelf Insight Platform using AI and Video Analytics
  • Poka Yoke/Full Proofing for Quality Inspection using video analytics

CronJ IT is a leading product development and resource provider for Node.js, Angular.js, React.js, Python and Golang. We have more than 350000+ hrs of experience in:

  • Web Application Development
  • Mobile Application Development ( Hybrid and Native)
  • Custom Software Development, handling global clients

CronJ also has a range of IT solutions to digitize your Supply Chain. We offer the following solutions:

  • Vehicle Planning & Route Management
  • Supply Chain network planning tool
  • Warehouse performance management tools

Cronj is hiring Node.js Developers

Location: India

Year of Experience: 1-3 years

  • Expert-level knowledge in Node.js as well as other Javascript frameworks including Backbone.js, Angular.js etc.
  • Expert in Object-oriented JavaScript Programming.
  • In-depth knowledge of the latest web technologies and frameworks.
  • Experience in developing complex web applications using HTML and Javascript.
  • Good knowledge of MongoDB and experience in working with Mongoose

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